Whistler company under investigation after report of sleddog 'slaughter'

Local tour company Whistler Outdoor Adventures is reportedly the subject of investigations by both police and the B.C. SPCA after an employee came forward with a case of post-traumatic stress, saying he had to kill more than 70 healthy sleddogs in April 2010.

According to a report on CKNW, the company has admitted that it ordered the killing of 100 dogs because of a downturn in business after the 2010 Olympics.

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CKNW is reporting that the dogs were shot, some more than once, and the throats of some dogs were slashed. Some dogs were still alive when they were put into a mass grave.

The SPCA is calling the incident a "slaughter," according to CKNW's report.

This isn't the first time the SPCA has investigated local dogsled tour companies. In 2009, The Question reported that two local companies were under investigation for the care, feeding and conditions under which the dogs were kept.

The investigations followed complaints from people who had taken dogsled tours in Whistler who said the dogs appeared to be malnourished.

The Question also recently received a letter from a visitor to Whistler who had similar concerns. "The only thing which I found quite distressing was the condition of the dogs when we did a dog sledding experience in the Callaghan Valley. All the dogs looked skinny and one in particular was very thin, looked as if she had was/or had been recently feeding puppies and sat shivering and cowering in the snow after the ride," wrote Margaret Davoren of Brisbane, Australia on Jan. 15.

"I will also be contacting the SPCA."

Davoren did not name the company she used for the tour.

The Question will continue following this story as it unfolds - stay tuned to www.whistlerquestion.com for updates.

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