Silvhorn Automotive: the independent auto repair shop advantage

One of the things many of us believe when faced with auto repairs or general maintenance, is that we have to take our vehicle back to the manufacturer's dealer. But independent auto repair shops are just as capable of performing maintenance as auto dealer repair shops.

In Pemberton, Silvhorn Automotive is a full-service general repair facility that specializes in all makes and models of vehicles.

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"It's true that dealers specialize in one particular make," says Mike Dymus, co-owner of Silvhorn Automotive since 2003. "But here at Silvhorn we see many different makes and models. We can use our years of experience of different situations on different vehicles and apply that experience to any make."

Mike and his four mechanics at Silvhorn Automotive have the same access to technical service bulletins and safety recalls as the dealerships. An additional bonus at Silvhorn is Mike's attitude toward customer education.

"It's something you might not get at a large dealership," Mike explains. "For example, at Silvhorn when you bring your car in for a service, one of our technicians will go out there with a tablet and take photos of everything he thinks may need attention either now or in the near future. After compiling a report on your vehicle highlighting any safety or cost concerns, we email you that report. Then, we can have a discussion over the phone and you're looking at exactly what I'm seeing."

In addition, Silvhorn Automotive boasts a virtual vehicle in the shop that features animations of the various vehicle parts.

"Both the photos and the virtual vehicle enable me to explain to you in layman's terms what exactly is going on in your car or truck. Customer education and having the customer understand what work was done and why, is very important to me."

Mike ensures that his mechanics at Silvhorn Automotive are constantly upgrading their stills to stay on top of the latest electronics technology and diagnostics.

"Whatever the make or model of your vehicle," Mike says, "we can help keep it on the road and help you avoid the cost and inconvenience of a break-down."

For more information about Silvhorn Automotive or to book an appointment for a service or repair, call 604.894.5556, check the out website, email, or stop by the garage at 71-7370 Highway 99 in Pemberton. Silvhorn can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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