Preventative maintenance at Silvhorn Automotive

Customer convenience is a high priority at Silvhorn Automotive. Conveniently located on Highway 99 in Pemberton, Silvhorn Automotive strives to make the job of routine maintenance stress free for customers.

"Our customers are busy people," says Mike Dymus, co-owner of Silvhorn Automotive since 2003. "They don't want to be in the position of having to wait by the side of a road for a tow truck."

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When a vehicle is left at Silvhorn for a regular maintenance check-up, Mike and his team of four mechanics will perform the factory service that's recommended by the vehicle's manufacturer and, at the same time, perform an inspection of the entire vehicle.

"We inspect the vehicle to catch things before they result in a costly breakdown," Mike explains. "For example, I'm working on changes to my management software system so that if you come in for an oil change and we notice that you've been here for an oil change before, we'll be able to tell you 'based on your driving habits, your oil should be changed again in about three months.' Then we'll recommend booking that appointment there and then."

As the appointment time approaches, Silvhorn will phone the customer with a reminder.

"It's about educating the customer," says Mike, "and making their life a little easier. They don't have to worry about checking the sticker on the windshield or trying to remember when the oil was last changed. We'll do all that for them."

Regular vehicle maintenance is important at the best of times, but in a rural area like Pemberton where public transit is almost non-existent, having a vehicle that breaks down could be disastrous.

"We're a bedroom community for Whistler," Mike explains, "and we have customers who have to commute to Squamish. Having a functional vehicle is very important to people."

For more information about Silvhorn Automotive or to book an appointment for preventative maintenance, call 604.894.5556, check the out website, email, or stop by the garage at 71-7370 Highway 99 in Pemberton. Silvhorn can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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