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Like many communities across B.C., Whistler continues to experience an upward trend in the price of real estate. With more than 22 years in the real estate industry, local REALTOR® Kathy White has seen the Whistler purchasing demographic change too.

"Most of our residents have been living in the community since the 1970’s and are in the 55-plus age group," Kathy says. "They tend to be house-rich with equity that could be freed up for future use."

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Large, single family homes in Whistler currently cost upwards of $1.3 million, while estate-style residences fetch into the $5 million plus range.  Many houses can be vacant for a period of time while their owners work elsewhere or travel.  Yet, they still need consistent yearly maintenance, heating and insurance.

"I often advise clients to consider buying a townhouse or condominium to give them the benefit of a home in Whistler while freeing up extra funds to invest or travel," Kathy explains. "My job as a REALTOR® is to meet with clients to discuss benefits of diversifying real estate investments and the steps involved.

"I especially like to work with Whistler residents and to assist out of town property investors. I can help them purchase a cozy townhouse or condominium, possibly close to the Village or transit routes, to accommodate an active lifestyle with lower home maintenance.”

Large homes can become anchors with maintenance and upkeep throughout the year, says Kathy, who wants to help clients avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed when contemplating a future move.

"The key," notes Kathy, "is not to put all your eggs into one basket. Instead of a large home that may be vacant at times, consider buying a cozy Whistler home and evaluate options to invest in rental property elsewhere in B.C., or give money to family and charitable organizations."

To discuss real estate diversification options, call Kathy White (cell: 250.729.1182) or through Thornhill Real Estate Group:  604.932.1875 or 877.747.1333. You can check out Kathy's website at, send an email: or visit Thornhill offices at:  325-2063 Lake Placid Road or #36-4314 Main Street.

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