Green Lake Chevron Station serves more than just gas

Since the Naundorf family opened Green Lake Chevron Station in June 2016, business has been steadily growing.

"We have both locals and tourists stopping by," says son Adam Naundorf. "And because we have the higher octane Chevron gas, sports and vintage car groups come for the better fuel."

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But fuel isn't the only thing that encourages people to stop at the station.

"We've also got a convenience store, café, and the classiest washrooms you've ever seen," laughs Adam.

The convenience store sells the usual basic groceries and automotive supplies along with a number of souvenir items for the many tourists who visit on their way to or from Whistler.

"The café has both indoor and outdoor seating with fabulous views of Blackcomb and other local hills." Adam says. "It also offers espresso-type drinks, sandwiches, waffles, donuts, and hot dogs. We're expanding the offerings all the time."

The Naundorf family built the Green Lake Chevron Station from the ground up, carefully planning the interior designer to ensure that the store and café were truly one-of-a-kind.

Adam is particularly proud of the washrooms.

"We've all been to gas stations where you dread to go into the washrooms," Adam says, "but we designed our washrooms with the same care as the rest of the station. Not only are they clean and comfortable, they’re actually quite fancy."

Adam has become used to people commenting that both the gas station and washrooms are "world-class."

"We have lots of turn around room for large vehicles," he points out, "and we're on the quieter side of Whistler, so you don't often have to wait for a pump. You can fill up with gas, pick up some groceries, grab a sandwich and go—or you can just sit and relax with a latte on the patio."

Another interesting feature of the Green Lake Chevron Station is the green roof.

"Whistler has very strict guidelines for buildings," Adam notes. "The city wanted the gas station to blend into the surroundings. So, from the front you can see it's a gas station. But from the rear, you just see a green roof with grass and plants. It looks really nice."

Located just across the highway from the shores of Green Lake with a view of magnificent Blackcomb Mountain—not to mention the best public washrooms you’re likely to come across—this gas station is definitely worth a visit.

To check out the Green Lake Chevron Station, visit their location at 8110 Crazy Canuck Drive, Whistler, call 604.962.2090 or check out their Facebook page.

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