Green Lake Chevron Station: High-quality fuel… and amazing washrooms!

Greg and Adam Naundorf want you to know that Whistler's Green Lake Cheveron Station is finally open for business.

"We built the station from scratch," says Adam. "As soon as we had the interior design done and the pumps installed, Whistler had a major snow fall and we had to shut down construction for a while."

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Located in the Rainbow community of Whistler, across the highway from Green Lake, the Green Lake Chevron Station is able to accommodate large recreational vehicles or commercial trucks.

"Customers have been telling us that our gas station is so clean and classy," says Adam. "What surprises a lot of tourists and locals is that we extended that concept to the washrooms. I've even heard customers shouting, 'It's so beautiful!' as they come out of the facilities."

Offering high-quality fuel in a world-class gas station was a dream of the Naundorf family.

"My parents had experience running a gas station in Alberta," Adam explains. "When this opportunity in Whistler came up about five years ago, they were excited. They always wanted to move back to B.C.—I grew up in Vancouver."

Customers come from far and wide to visit the station, while locals pop in to shop at the convenience store or pick up some automotive maintenance items. According to Adam, tourists from Europe, the United States, Asia and the rest of Canada have stopped by on their way to and from Whistler to fuel-up, use the washrooms, and pick up a latte or a quick sandwich at the handy café.

"There's both outdoor and indoor seating in the café," Adam says. "On warm days, you can sit outside and enjoy the view of Blackcomb Mountain. But even if you sit inside, there's a really nice view of the local hills and trees."

To check out this one-of-a-kind gas station, visit the location at 8110 Crazy Canuck Drive, Whistler, call 604.962.2090 or check out their Facebook page.

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