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Museum Musings: Learning about the Rainbow Ski Village

January 23, 2018
This Friday (Jan. 26) the 2018 season of the Whistler Museum’s Speaker Series will open with an evening dedicated to the Rainbow Ski Village, presented by Tom Jarvis and John Lee. As we’ve been . . .

Museum Musings: The early days of Creekside

January 15, 2018
The community of Alta Lake, which attracted visitors and families with cabins in the summer for hiking, hunting and fishing along the lakefront, was forever changed in 1960. That year, the . . .

Museum Musings: Paul Burrows’ early years in Whistler

January 9, 2018
This past September we were lucky enough to welcome Paul Burrows, founder of this publication in 1976, to the museum to talk about the early days of the paper. The stories he told of The Question. . .

Museum Musings: Tales from the toilets of Whistler’s past

January 2, 2018
With an ever-so-cold artic front affecting Whistler over the past week, aren’t we all glad that we don’t have to head out side to the nearest outhouse when the time calls? We can certainly be . . .

Museum Musings: Winter on Alta Lake

December 25, 2017
Winters at Alta Lake were a quiet season for the small community without the crowds of summer visitors. Whistler Mountain did not open for skiing until 1966 and downhill skiing in the valley . . .

Museum Musings: Building the Harrison Hut

December 18, 2017
This week we’ll be continuing the story started a few weeks back on the Gothic arch huts built by the University of British Columbia’s Varsity Outdoor Club (UBC-VOC). The tale began with the . . .

Museum Musings: Before the modern kitchen

December 11, 2017
With the holiday season upon us many people will be heading to their kitchens to create the meals and treats associated with this time of year, or, alternatively, enjoying the labours of others who. . .

Museum Musings: The boom and bust of McGuire

December 4, 2017
In 1992 William Jack Biggin-Pound was asked by Ruth Gallagher to write down what he knew of the history around McGuire, Brandywine Falls and Alta Lake. Ruth and Ray Gallagher had owned and . . .

Museum Musings: Powering Whistler

November 27, 2017
If you’ve been in Whistler over the past couple of months you probably experienced or heard about power outages around town, most notably on Oct. 18 when most neighbourhoods experienced a loss of . . .

Museum Musings: Brew Hut III ends the saga

November 20, 2017
Last week we introduced the Brew Hut, first constructed by the UBC Varsity Outdoor Club on Mount Brew in 1982. This first hut was moved and reconstructed due to snow creep and accumulation. . . .

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