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Farm Story: Turning experience into a book

January 23, 2018
Last week one of my fellow Question columnists arranged for all of us regular writers to meet to “wake” The Question newspaper. I hadn’t realized how many of us there were! We made a very . . .

Fresh off the Farm: Preparing for a new arrival on the farm

May 15, 2017
Although lacklustre in most regards, this spring is at least proving itself to be fairly ideal for the final weeks of pregnancy. I certainly haven’t been overheating! Despite the planning and . . .

Fresh off the Farm: Fixing little nuisances can make a big impact

May 1, 2017
What a downright mediocre spring it’s been so far this year! I can count the number of days that it’s been sunny on one hand. Half the time I still wear a toque and sometimes even my winter coat,. . .

Fresh off the Farm: Reluctantly returning to spring duties

April 17, 2017
Just like the spring this year our farming season is off to a slow but steady start. Although this is partially due to the lackluster temperatures as of late, I suspect our underlying reluctance . . .

Fresh off the Farm: Even the sheep are ready for spring

April 3, 2017
Our lambing season came to an end exactly two weeks after it started when our two remaining pregnant ewes had their lambs on the same day. First to give birth was Breaker, a second-time mother, . . .

Fresh off the Farm: An extra nerve-wracking lambing season

March 20, 2017
The throes of lambing season are upon us — sleep has become fragmented, brains foggy and heartstrings are sure getting a good workout. The first lambs arrived about a week ago — just as another . . .

Fresh off the Farm: Preparing for a late spring start

March 6, 2017
Since we moved to Pemberton I’ve kept track of a few important “firsts” for each farming season — the first day on the field, the first light and hard frosts of the season and the first snow. I . . .

Fresh off the Farm: Spring remains well hidden just around the corner

February 20, 2017
If you asked me last week whether I thought spring was at hand I would have answered no, rather emphatically. In a 24-hour period we had just received another two feet of snow. Our hoop houses . . .

Fresh off the Farm: Four-legged friendships bloom

February 6, 2017
Every season has its positives and negatives. Although the lack of sunlight in winter can be disheartening and the snow shovelling can get tedious, we do have much more time to appreciate simple . . .

Fresh off the Farm: Putting out fires in ice, rain and snow

January 23, 2017
I’m very pleased to report that all of our hoop houses and our greenhouse are still standing — although, saying that, I should probably knock on wood. After a full week without precipitation we . . .

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