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Museum Musings: Ancient Cedars Trail a community effort

September 26, 2016
Last week’s column featured Whistler Blackcomb’s Habitat Improvement Team, or H.I.T., a volunteer-led group which just wrapped up their 20th summer of grassroots environmental restoration in the . . .

Museum Musings: Looking back on H.I.T.’s contributions to Whistler

September 19, 2016
Whistler became the community it is today in large part thanks to the incredible natural wealth in our surroundings. However, the extent to which this natural wealth has been protected and . . .

Museum Musings: Grassroots Gallery: Olives Community Market

September 12, 2016
This the museum’s second installment of our ongoing “Grassroots Galleries” series, which highlights some of the other spaces in Whistler that celebrate our community’s heritage. This column was . . .

Museum Musings: Uncovering Jim McConkey’s original ski films

August 29, 2016
Whistler Blackcomb is very much an athlete-driven resort. So much so that when it came time celebrate the resort’s 50th anniversary last winter, the single, official image they chose to promote . . .

Museum Musings: Whistler’s short foray into provincial politics

August 22, 2016
Thirty years ago this summer, Whistler was at the centre of the B.C. political universe. During the week culminating in July 30, 1986, the provincial Social Credit Party held its leadership . . .

Museum Musings: Whistler’s first ever off road bike race

August 15, 2016
This summer I have been working on digitizing the Whistler Question’s photo collection. In the midst of it, I came across Whistler’s first ever off-road bike race. The race took place on June 20, . . .

Museum Musings: Piecing together the story of the missing military jet

August 1, 2016
On March 22, 1956 a T33 military jet mysteriously disappeared over the Callaghan Valley. The two pilots were never found, and 60 years later only a few pieces have been recovered that would . . .

Museum Musings: Why learning about nature is important

July 25, 2016
The presence of three blue herons silently fishing for their breakfast seemed to me a good omen as I walked across the still dewy grass at Alpha Lake Park last Saturday, July 9. The serene . . .

Museum Musings: Grassroots Gallery: Mountain Paint

July 18, 2016
A few Whistler locals have taken it upon themselves over the years to display their own collections of items that show off Whistler’s history. One of these collections covers the walls in Mountain . . .

Museum Musings: How the PGE impacted tourism in Whistler

July 11, 2016
The construction of Rainbow Lodge in 1914 is recognized as a seminal moment in our valley’s history, and deservedly so. But something else happened that same year that is equally important to the . . .

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