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Museum Musings: The Brew Hut saga

November 13, 2017
This week continues the tale of the Varsity Outdoor Club (VOC) huts that began with the construction of the Club Cabin in Whistler in the ‘60s. Following the student referendum in 1980 that . . .

Museum Musings: The history of Remembrance Day in Whistler

November 6, 2017
This coming Saturday will mark the 34th year of Whistler’s Remembrance Day observances, and the first not to take place at the Whistler Village Fire Hall. On Friday (Nov. 10) Whistler’s . . .

Museum Musings: How the VOC built its club cabin

October 30, 2017
In the mid-1960s, the UBC Varsity Outdoor Club (VOC) was looking for a place to build a new club cabin because the parks board was opposed to privately owned cabins operating on Mount Seymour. . . .

Museum Musings: The Jordans of Creekside

October 24, 2017
Just as today, when many of Whistler’s hotels and lodges are centrally located in the Village, the lodges built in the 1920s through 1950s tended to be located on or close to the shores of Alta . . .

Museum Musings: A history of huts

October 17, 2017
For almost 50 years, the Himmelsbach Hut has sat perched near Russet Lake at the head of Singing Pass. The hut was built by the British Columbia Mountaineering Club (BCMC) and named after carpenter. . .

Museum Musings: The changing role of Myrtle Philip Community School

October 9, 2017
Looking through the photographs of The Whistler Question one thing that sticks out is how many of the photographs were taken at the same venues. It makes sense — the Village was still under . . .

Museum Musings: The origins of Whistler’s Interpretive Forest

October 2, 2017
After the arrival of the Great Eastern Railway in the fall of 1914, logging and other industrial activities started to develop in and around the Whistler Valley. Logging was a vital industry in . . .

Museum Musings: Saying good bye to Whistler

September 26, 2017
People arriving and people leaving — that’s one of the constants in Whistler. In the past three years I’ve worked at the Whistler Museum, I’ve had countless friends leave, return, leave again and. . .

Museum Musings: Don’t miss Naming Night

September 18, 2017
A huge thank you to everyone who came out Friday evening to the opening of The Whistler Question: A Photographic History. It was great to see so many familiar (and new) faces at the museum, as . . .

Museum Musings: Finding the stories behind the photos

September 11, 2017
You might have heard that the museum is opening a new exhibit on the photographs of The Whistler Question this Friday (if you haven’t, The Whistler Question: A Photographic History 1978-1985 opens . . .

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