Vitamin C mask for a nourishing fall face treat

Vitamin C facials are popular but they can be rather pricey, too. Fortunately there is a simple way to give yourself an edible vitamin C facial at home without the large price tag.

As those of you who have read my book (it is now at the library to borrow or Armchair books to buy) know I am a huge fan of edible skin care.The reason being that our body has to deal with what we use on our skin and I'd rather make a product with edible ingredients rather than synthetic chemical ones.

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For a DIY face mask to brighten and boost your skin as the days get shorter there are few ways to utilize the power of Vitamin C. I use local honey and camu camu powder, it is really that simple!

You can buy camu camu powder at Quantum Vitamins or Nesters Market.Camu camu powder is one of the richest vitamin C plants in the world, it grows in the Amazon and it is rich in flavonoids that act as antioxidants.

Vitamin C is not overly stable and oxidizes quickly, so mixing a face mask just before you need it is ideal and maintains maximum potency.

Camu camu powder can also be added to a juice or smoothie at this time of year for a powerful Vitamin C boost - if you like smoothies that is; I prefer a warm bowl of porridge when it is cold outside!

Vitamin C is known to strengthen the immune system and the most traditional way to get Vitamin C is fresh fruit and vegetables.

Studies at the University of Leicester in England found that Vitamin C may improve wound healing, protect the skin from free radical damage and reduce/remove the free radical DNA damage at a cellular level.

The anti-aging industry is worth hundreds of billions but skin care need not cost a fortune. A simple camu camu and honey mask can refresh and brighten the skin inexpensively.

As with any mask doing a patch test on your own skin is always wise. We all have different skin types so what works for me might not suit you.

How to make a vitamin C rich camu camu face mask.


1 teaspoon camu camu powder

1 teaspoon local honey

A tiny dash of water if mixture is too thick

Mix the ingredients together with a plastic spoon. Apply a layer to your face and neck whilst avoiding the eyes. Relax on the bed or sofa.Rinse the mask off after five minutes with a warm flannel cloth or towel.Apply some aloe vera gel or a toner (I like Green Sisters' orange water toner available from Quantum Vitamins) and follow with a drop of argan oil or your usual facial oil.

Skin care can be wonderfully simple and radiant skin starts with what we eat but don't forget to look at what you use on your skin too.

Joanna writes for and most of her kitchen cupboard ingredients double up as skin care!

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