One Mile of thanks

Dear Editor,

I had the pleasure of attending, walking and speaking at the One Mile Lake Trail opening as part of Earth Day activities. Despite marginal weather we had a decent turnout of special guests, families, kids and dogs.

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The Rotary Club of Pemberton Centennial led the cleanup of town with fellow Pembertonians.

Stewardship Pemberton co-hosted the event with the Village of Pemberton and the Community Garden Society.

The Skateboard and Bike Park Society hosted a barbecue at the new bridge as well.

I'd like to recognize the efforts of the Hessler family; Mary, Lori, Anne and Howard. Thanks to Rotarians Suzanne Robert, Seija Evans and Matt Davies, Pat Allen, McDonald's and Pemberton Valley Supermarket for their contributions.

Thank you to Liz Scroggins and Daniel Cindric for leading the charge of our Earth Day activities.

Also, thanks to the Pemberton Valley Trails Association for giving the Rotary Club the idea of a significant local project that was needed for Pemberton; Sandy Ryan, Lisa Ames and Daniel Cindric for writing the grant application to our first partner in what would result in almost 700 feet of trail and a bridge that linked our portion of the project to the existing One Mile Lake Trail. Hence, we have affectionately tagged this the Rotary Link trail.

Thanks to Shane Bourbannais, Live Nation and the Pembeton Festival Foundation for their generous contribution of $10,000.

Thanks also to the members and businesses of the Pemberton Chamber of Commerce, our partners in our annual golf tourney that helped us raise the matching $10,000 that was a condition of us receiving the grant.

Shirley Henry and the Pemberton Valley Trails Association worked with the Rick Hansen Foundation in contributing an additional $10,000 as we pledged to make the trail accessible to all.

Sandy Ryan and Whistler Welding contributed the time, materials and leadership in bringing the project to fruition.

Thanks to Randy Symmons for providing leadership, guidance and expertise in ensuring we created a high-quality, safe and accessible trail, to the Pemberton Valley Dyking District and Jeff Westlake for generously donating fill for the foundation of the trail from "the flood," a donation that speaks to sustainability and a positive to be drawn from that tragic event, to Stewardship Pemberton for their vision of One Mile and their continued work moving forward and to the Village of Pemberton, staff, council, Lori Pilon and Russell Mack.

Thanks also to: DDD Landscaping, Dan Brenning; Ron Fogerty and John Burleson; the Department of Fisheries; Valley Chainsaw; Sabre Rentals; Ken Greenway Trucking; CRC; Alan LeBlanc; Caleb Sturdy; George Underhill; to the members of the Rotary Club of Pemberton Centennial who provided many hours of sweat labour; and to anyone and everyone who regularly contributes and supports our events that help us do the good work we do.

Finally, thank you to Pemberton for allowing us the opportunity to contribute to an incredible amenity for generations of Pembertonians to enjoy now and in the future.

James Linklater

on behalf of the Rotary Club of Pemberton Centennial

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