Two more cougars sighted in Whistler

Conservation officers also receive reports of another bear break-in

Two more cougars were sighted in Whistler after cyclists reported seeing the animals Monday (Aug. 8) near Microwave Tower Road and Tunnel Vision.

This followed another cougar sighting reported to conservation officers on Aug. 3.

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"Anywhere in B.C. is cougar country so people have to be on alert when they are out in the wild and realize that there are other animals out there," said Conservation Officer Tim Schumacher.

Cougar sightings are fairly rare across B.C. but do occur from time to time, Schumacher indicated.

"Cougars are very elusive animals and don't like human contact, so typically you are very lucky if you ever get to see a cougar in your lifetime," he added.

Bear confrontations continued in recent days after numerous reports of the animals entering homes in 2013. A bear was found inside a Whistler Cay home last Monday (Aug. 5) after it made its way through an open door and into the kitchen after the family had returned home from the grocery store.

The bear was not found on the scene by the time conservation officers arrived, although a trap was set. As of press time, the bear had not been caught.

Schumacher said the incident is another reminder to keep windows and doors closed to prevent bears from accessing homes.

Another bear was seen last Thursday (Aug. 8) underneath a Lorimer Road bridge and individuals were reportedly seen approaching within two metres of the animal, Schumacher said.

"We want to remind everyone to keep a considerable distance from wildlife, they are wild animals and unpredictable and can injure you quite badly or kill you," he said.

Call local conservation officers at 877-952-7277 to report any wildlife occurrence.

You can also get wildlife updates and tips on 19 digital RTown screens scattered throughout Whistler.

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