Police urging caution after alleged drugging incident

A Whistler woman is reporting that her drink was drugged at a Village nightclub

The Whistler RCMP is urging bar and nightclub patrons to practice caution after a woman's drink was reportedly drugged at a local establishment last week.

Valeria Gonzalez, 21, said she visited Village nightclub Tommy Africa's last Monday (July 29) when she was approached by a man who eventually purchased drinks for her and at least two other friends. Gonzalez said she had been drinking beforehand but was coherent until after consuming the shot of liquor. Her friends also claimed to not remember parts of the night and feeling strange after the drink.

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"We were so busy dancing that he was ordering the shots on his own," Gonzalez said. "After (the drink) I blacked out. I don't remember being in the bar at all. It was weird because I was so aware of what was happening and then I don't know what happened at all."

Friends told Gonzalez they witnessed her arrive at Whistler Blackcomb staff housing in a taxi between 1 and 1:30 a.m. with the man from the bar. Gonzalez has no recollection of this portion of the night, but a friend told her she seemed "out of it" and "on drugs." After speaking with friends who were on the scene, Gonzalez initially reported to police that the man was scared off and left the area once he realized there were acquaintances of Gonzalez's in front of the building, but another witness later indicated that she left with the man. Gonzalez could not account for her whereabouts between this time and approximately 5 a.m.

Gonzalez described the man as tall, muscular with a dark tan, blonde hair and blueish-green eyes. She said he was wearing a black V-neck shirt on the night of the alleged incident.

On Friday (Aug. 2) Gonzalez reported the incident to police and visited the local healthcare centre. RCMP continue to investigate the matter, and are awaiting the results of a toxicology report, said LeClair. Officers will also examine security footage from the nightclub and may do an artist's sketch with the complainant.

LeClair said incidents such as this occur in the resort occasionally but are not commonplace. Even so, he stressed the need to take precautions when visiting local bars and nightclubs.

"First of all, don't take drinks from strangers and don't leave your drink unattended," he said. "Just use common sense. Go to a nightclub with friends, and leave with those friends at the end of the evening."

Tommy Africa's manager Jeff Cockle said he was "extremely surprised" to learn of the alleged incident, and reiterated the nightclub's commitment to keeping patrons safe.

"(We're) always watching larger groups of guys or mischievous people that are in the corners, and also making sure no one leave their drinks unattended," said Cockle. "I care a lot about training the doormen to watch for these kinds of things."

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