Multiple cougar sightings reported in Whistler

Two animals killed elsewhere in corridor

The B.C. Conservation Officer Service is reporting multiple interactions between cougars and humans in the Sea to Sky corridor in recent days, including sightings in Whistler.

Conservation officer Kent Popjes said there have been three reports of cougar sightings in Whistler "in the last couple of weeks."

Popjes said two of the sightings were made in the Lost Lake area, while another was reported from Easy Street near Myrtle Philip Community School.

"There has been no aggressive behaviour with the Whistler cougars at all," said Popjes. "We just want to let the public know."

Popjes added that conservation officers destroyed a cougar on Wednesday morning (Feb. 15) that had killed a family dog in Squamish. Another cougar was struck and killed on Highway 99 on Tuesday (Feb. 14) near Furry Creek.

Popjes reminded people how to react in the event of a run-in with a cougar.

"Don't run away from a cougar and don't turn your back on it if you encounter one," he said. "Pick up small children, and if you do have a cougar that is aggressive, always fight back."

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