Four dead after aircraft collision at Nairn Falls near Pemberton

Mid-air collision between Cessna plane and powered glider over campsite

An accident involving two aircraft occurred early Saturday (June 29) afternoon at a Nairn Falls provincial campsite south of Pemberton, resulting in the death of four people, according to local RCMP.

A single-engine Cessna airplane carrying two people collided in mid-air with a powered glider, also carrying two, at around 12:20 p.m.

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"Officers from both our Whistler and Pemberton offices attended immediately and learned that a collision had occurred between a small Cessna and a powered glider," said Sgt. Rob Knapton of Whister RCMP in a release.

Investigators from Pemberton Search and Rescue and Pemberton Fire Department attended the scene and found four deceased along with a dog.

"The Cessna was from 100 Mile House with two occupants, one male and one female, with a dog on board," said Knapton. RCMP also confirmed the glider was based out of Pemberton.

The victims' families have been notified, although their names are not being released at this time.

German tourist Frank Nasner was at the campsite, and said he was the second person to arrive on the scene of the crash.

"The first thing we heard was a loud bang and then you could hear an aircraft engine. We saw a plane that was slithering right and left just over the tree line. After that we heard another loud bang and looking into the sky you could see a lot debris falling down. Debris was all around the place and people were screaming. Some were shouting 'There's the airplane! There's the airplane!'" he said.

In the release, Sgt. Knapton said although the campsite was full with over 90 units at the time of the crash, no one was struck by debris.

Whistler RCMP, the Transportation Safety Board and the BC Coroners Service continue to investigate.

More details as they become available.

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