She Stole My Beer returns

Beloved local band still kicking and set to unveil new original song

When you've been in the same band for about 20 years, certain things become understood. Like the unwritten rule in She Stole My Beer that a gig isn't accepted unless all seven members can be there.

"It's all for one and one for all," said Franco Diligenti, who plays percussion for the beloved local band.

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That's a big reason She Stole My Beer (SSMB) doesn't play more often -life, work, family and schedules tend to get in the way a lot more when you're 40 instead of 20. In fact, the band's show at the GLC on Saturday (Nov. 21) will only be its second gig this year. The good news? Both shows were in Whistler.

Over the past decade or so SSMB has played a limited number of engagements - again, mostly in Whistler - and even fewer shows in the past two years, Diligenti said. The band has become more of a hobby for the seven guys who vividly remember the band's heyday in the early 1990s.

"At this point it's a pursuit of passion," Diligenti said. "We just play together because we love to play."

And there are many fans in Whistler who love to see SSMB get on the stage again. In addition to bringing back warm feelings of times gone by, the band offers an entertaining show of country rock originals and covers.

Diligenti said SSMB offers good value, real musicianship, and a visual show. With two drummers and a percussionist in addition to keyboards, two guitars and bass, there's a lot happening on stage.

While nostalgia is certainly part of the package when SSMB hits the stage these days, it's ultimately just a night of great music, he said. The band consistently sees new faces in the crowd at each show, often resulting in comments that people were blown away and can't believe they just discovered SSMB.

But let's get back to the SSMB unwritten rulebook. In addition to making sure all seven members are available for a show, the band also makes sure to include a couple of new selections in the set list every time they perform.

Diligenti said adding a new song or two helps keep things fresh and interesting for both the band and the audience. While the set list will be full of old favourites and SSMB standards, Saturday's show will also include an original tune, he said.

"We like to add a couple of fresh new tunes to the mix every time we play," he said.

The band's final rule is to deliver the best show possible. Diligenti said the SSMB guys have rehearsed a few times to "get the rust out" in preparation for this weekend. Plus, playing in Whistler is like returning home for the band, so it's exciting and a rare time to really let loose.

"When all of us are up there playing, it's just a reminder of what a beautiful thing music is," he said.

Though SSMB was never fully based in Whistler, various members have lived in the resort for periods of time and a couple of the guys still call it home. But Whistler has always been the place the band identified with most, and where it has played most of its gigs, Diligenti said.

"It's definitely the adopted home of the band," he said.

Formed in the late '80s, SSMB released two studio albums and toured coast to coast through the '90s. When touring and the music industry took its toll, the band called it quits in 1997 but reunited for select shows a few years later.

Experience a slice of Whistler history and a night of great music with She Stole My Beer on Saturday (Nov. 21) at the GLC. Tickets are available at the venue now for $20 and the show is expected to sell out. Doors open at 9:30 p.m.

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