Love in Whistler's fishbowl

Millennium Place to host a night of comedy sketches that poke fun at local dating scene

"You have to swap to survive - it's a small gene pool."

It's with this deadpan statement that Michele Bush sums up love in Whistler before bursting into laughter. Her humourous take on the topic is the driving force behind the Whistler Town Party II, "By The Time Cupid Got To Whistler He Was Drunk," which takes place at 8 p.m. on Friday (Feb. 3) at Millennium Place.

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"What we do is like a Saturday Night Live (SNL) format, so it's just short skits, music, dance, and we've got the Whistler Update, like the (SNL's)Weekend Update," said Bush, who is presenting the night of comedy in partnership with the Whistler Arts Council.

Whistler Town Party is a three-part series that began in December with the Christmas-themed show "Scrooge was Right."

"It was really fun," said Bush. "It was really well received. A lot of people said we should go work on SNL."

With Valentine's Day as the theme of the second installment, the cast takes aim at the unique trials and tribulations that go along with dating in Whistler: falling in love with someone only to find out they're from Belgium and leaving in two days, the inevitability of dating your friends' exes and the joys of constantly running into your own.

"Love in a fishbowl, essentially," said Bush.

Audience members can expect to see such appropriate add-ons as the Love Professor, who just finished writing a book called "Why Whistler Women are Un-datable," and the Chippendale Cupids, who will be heating up the theatre in between skits with some Chippendale-esque style dancing.

"It's all locally written and locally performed," said Bush. "It's always the same usual suspects who generally in Whistler do all the acting; they're always involved in the shows and the Chairlift Reviews."

Bush has been involved in the Whistler acting scene for 25 years. A longtime regular in the ever-popular annual Chairlift Review, she's also a seasoned street entertainer with a number of characters that she's performed over the years.

"I'm a usual suspect as well, but if I'm organizing it myself then it's Bushwoman Productions," she said. "I just phone all the people that are into this sort of thing, and they all rally and we put stuff together."

The last time Bush flexed her Bushwoman Productions muscle, Whistler audiences were treated to a hilarious local rendition of Britain's best sitcom, Absolutely Fabulous, which was hugely successful and sold out every show.

"I find that what works best in for Millennium Place is local, funny and short," she said. "I've done lots of shows and the best turnout we get is for things like that."

The third and final show of the Whistler Town Party series is set for early April and will be about the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival.

"I love doing sketch comedy," Bush said. "These are fairly easy to put together and to rehearse, and they come together really quickly."

Tickets for By The Time Cupid Got To Whistler He Was Drunk are $20 and are available at Millennium Place or online at

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