DJ Flipout takes a break from the airwaves

Popular Vancouver radio DJ hits Garf's on Sunday

Believe it or not, after 15 years of being on the radio, DJ Flipout isn't going to bite your head off or ignore you if you come up to the booth with a song request.

In fact, the Vancouver native said he's honestly OK with taking requests during his set at Garf's on Sunday night (May 17).

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The crowd is what I came for. They're in control, he said.

But requests aside, don't expect to hear the stuff Flipout (a.k.a. Philip Cabrita) regularly plays during his radio shows on The Beat 94.5. He said he doesn't usually play top 40 when he does club DJ sets, and this weekend he'll likely stick to more hip-hop roots.

While it might seem like DJing for radio and spinning in a club would be somewhat similar, Flipout said the two experiences are actually drastically different. On The Beat 94.5 the audience can be tens of thousands of people, they hear every mistake and they can be gone with the push of a button. The club crowd is much smaller, they're typically under some sort of influence and they can't escape so easily if they don't like one song.

If they leave the dance floor it's OK, because at least they're still in the building, he said with a chuckle.

Despite the differences, Flipout said he loves spinning tunes both on the air and in clubs.

I like radio because it's huge exposure, he said. I like the club because it's a party.

Though Flipout had a residency at Tommy Africa's in the late 1990s, it's been more than a year since he's been up to Whistler for a DJ appearance. He said Sunday's show at Garf's will be fun - the Whistler crowd always likes to party and the long weekend will add to the festivities.

Though Flipout is an accomplished rapper and breakdancer and a budding actor, radio has been his first and lasting love. He got his start on the air when he was just 13, playing music and reading news for a kids radio show on the station his friend's mother started.

I just got exposed to radio really young, he said.

From there he got involved with a station out of the University of British Columbia and together with DJs Jay Swing and Checkmate, started a weekly hip-hop show. Today, their award-winning show on The Beat is the longest-running hip-hop show on commercial radio in Canada.

Flipout said he's not sure what drew him to radio in the first place -he's just always been around it and naturally gravitated to the airwaves.

I just like attention, he said with a laugh.

While he's not recording music anymore and has left behind his breakdancing as well, acting is a new creative passion he's exploring. He said it combines the physical movement of dance with the voice of radio and rap.

Acting is the ultimate performance vehicle, Flipout said.

Discover a different side to radio DJ Flipout when he provides the soundtrack to the long weekend party at Garfinkel's on Sunday (May 17). Whistler favourite DJ Rosco will also be spinning tunes. Doors open at 9 p.m.

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