Celebrate the holidays with tongue in cheek

Local comedy show a reunion of sorts

It's being called a Whistler town party, a reunion of sorts, and for local comedian and producer Michele Bush, that's exactly what tonight's (Thursday, Dec. 8) Scrooge Was Right! performance is all about.

Featuring an ensemble cast of Whistler's most dramatic entertainers, the Scrooge Was Right! show will be a mixture of comedic sketches, dancing and music - all with a Christmassy Whistler twist.

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"This team has come from years of the Whistler drama club," said Bush of the ensemble cast. "We started probably over 20 years ago, and it seems to be a lot of the same people over the past 20 years; the usual suspects. It's been the same core group of us since."

That group includes locals such as Angie Nolan, GD Maxwell, Cheryl Massey, Mike Varrin and Don Stevenson, to name a few.

"There just hasn't been anything going on for a while, so it'd be nice to get things back together," said Bush of the local drama scene. "We're coming back."

Bush has a Saturday Night Live-esque evening planned out, where people will perform in skits, with music and dancing in between each piece. And for those expecting any sort of serious drama, Scrooge Was Right! likely isn't the place to be, as Bush is planning an evening of pure comedy and high spirits.

"I'm not into any serious stuff - I need to get a laugh or I'm not happy," she said. "It's just definitely more fun to do a comedy."

And for Bush, laughter is the best reward.

"I did stand-up for a while, which in Canada is a much harder road than if you did it in the States because if you go on tour you're playing in Williams Lake to loggers in bars," said. "So I decided to stay here and that's when I started coming up different characters inspired by the area, like Katie Cougar."

Working these characters into her set, Bush and others from the Whistler Drama Club performed various sketches over the years, some of which were directly Whistler-inspired and others that were borrowed from British comedy.

"We started doing Monty Python back in the late '80s, we did Fawlty Towers, Absolutely Fabulous - pretty much everything I've done has been a comedy," she said.

But in recent years those productions, which were created under Bush's Bushwoman Productions, have been few and far between, which is why she said it feels so good to get things going once again.

"Last time we did Absolutely Fabulous, it was neat because everybody came and people who hadn't seen each other in a long time were able to get together," she said. "It was like a reunion with everybody hanging out in the lobby catching up with each other."

And with that in mind, Bush set out to create a new series of "Town Hall" productions, of which tonight's Scrooge Was Right! is the first.

"We have two more planned in the new year," she said. "We'll have one for Valentine's Day and then another in the spring."

Until then, those hoping to check out some local talent performing Whistler-inspired sketches - including a Grinch-like piece with GD Maxwell, a fake local news broadcast and a piece called "Council Confidential" with former councillor Chris Quinlan - had best make it out to Millennium Place tonight.

"We've even got some mangled Christmas carols at the end that we've re-written," said Bush. "It's gonna be fun."

Scrooge Was Right! takes place tonight (Dec. 8) starting at 8 p.m. at Millennium Place. Tickets are $20, which includes a beer, and the event is 19+.

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